Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cherry Picking

Around here, the cherries are starting to get ripe and ready. Which means thousands of people will be thronging to various orchards, especially on weekends, to eat some fruit off the trees and then pick some to take home. Last weekend, I was one among the many, and oh, what fun it was. The cherry trees were overflowing with fruit, and at one point I could see green orchards dotted with red as far as the eye could see.

These picture do not do justice to that joy of seeing such a sight, and the experience of picking the fruits off the tree.

Clustered on a branch

Cherries, closeup

A row of cherry trees

Cherry Orchard

Blindingly beautiful sweet Bing cherries, just picked

Picked beauties


trupti said...

I love to pick fresh fruit....especially Cherries and Strawberries! I can make a whole day out of it!

your bing cherry bounty looks lovely!


evolvingtastes said...

trupti, I love fruit picking too! Only problem is that I come home with loads of it and then spend all my time looking for recipes to preserve it or cook with it. After all, how much can one snack on?

Anonymous said...

Are there orchards in the bay area or close by where you can pick cherries?

evolvingtastes said...

anonymous, (that's mysterious!)

Do you mean the SF bay area? Yes, there are several orchards in and around there for picking cherries and other fruits.

Manisha said...

You guys are really lucky! While I did not pick any off any trees, we bought the most amazing organic cherries at the Sunnyvale Farmers' Market last weekend. I think we have to wait for a couple more weeks for cherries to show up here in CO.

Anonymous said...

yes ev, sf bay area. The only places I've heard of is Brentwood but it seems ways to go from the south bay even for fresh cherries. if you know of someplace closet that would be great. a quick google search shows up nothing promising.

evolvingtastes said...

manisha, farmers market produce is definitely worth seeking out!

anonymous, there might be places in Watsonville, but I think that is nearly as far as Brentwood.

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