Monday, February 13, 2012


Until today, I did not know her name. I read her posts with interest, and she always had warm, thoughtful and positive things to say on my posts. That was the extent of our relationship. Yet when I heard today that she had passed away, my eyes welled up, and the mind has continued to grow restless since. Everything I knew about her was through her blog. She wrote about her love of baking, and the goodies she made, her fondness for Bombay, where she grew up, and marathi food. How can I forget her wonderful post of her stroll through the streets of Delhi? She had connected with me through her words. What I did not know though was that she was ailing.

I now think of her six year old daughter, and the rest of her family who are bereft without her. Raji, you were taken away from us way way too soon.
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