Friday, April 25, 2008

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Alphonso/Haapoos: Finally in the US

The Alphonsos, also called Haapoos, are here for real this year. Not a patch on what we had back in the days in India, but some consolation. Enough said.

Click: Au Naturel


indosungod said...

If only the mangoes in my grocery store looked half as good as your picture.

For some reason I have not tasted Alphonsos while in India (TN) so the first time I saw these mangoes in the Indian grocery store her after much anticipation, with a price tag bigger than the size of the mango my enthusiasm for them deflated. I was expecting bigger sized ones for some reason but ofcourse good things come in small packages :)

Divya Vikram said...

nice cick..craving for those mangoes I had back in india

Rupa said...

Nice click..I wish those mangoes were real :)Its been years since i eat Haapoos....

Rajitha said...

my mom's much so..i was so sick of mangoes i stopped eating them for 10 years..slowly getting back to the groove!

Uma said...

So mouth-watering click. Can I grab a piece of Mango?

Arundathi said...

lovely photo!

Miri said...

No fair - the export of hapoos hardly leaves it affordable locally :(
You enjoy those fruits and let the juice run right till your elbow! :)
....this time Im going to be back in Mumbai in May (after about 12 years, most of the times I go back in Dec)and am hoping to feast on them!

Suganya said...

I hope they export Banganapalli mangoes too. Don't kill me, but am not a big fan of Alphonsos :D

Anjali said... are flying in on 11th May...u make the wait difficult ;).


Siri said...

Wowww.. yummy looking haapoos ..:D Nice Click!


Kate / Kajal said...

and due to the exports the mangoes have gone upto a 1000rs a dozen ...which is crazy !!!!
but there is no other mango that really can measure up to this one. its worth every buck

Shantanu said...

Now that alphonsos are being easily imported into the US, they are no longer affordable back in India. :-)

Nice pic!

Cynthia said...

Oh yeah baby!

evolvingtastes said...

Hello All, here are my delayed responses.

indosungod, this one was definitely one of the better ones of the lot. Perhaps even the best. The price tag is outrageous indeed, and the size was much smaller than what I was used to in India (or could be that my memory is playing tricks, since it has been a while now), but it has been so long since I ate or even saw an Indian mango that nothing could have stopped me this time. Now my enthusiasm is going down too. MUST go to India in May some day. Some day.

Divya, Rupa, Uma, Arundathi, Thanks!

Rajitha, I too had a cousin who did not like mangoes (!). We couldn't even begin to fathom that and brought her over to the right side finally.

Miri, believe me, these are priced like gold for us. To give you an example, one mango costs more than a pint basket of the season's best local strawberries, but it has been so long since I spent an April or a May in India that I HAD to give in. Last year after all the hullaballu we got none.

Suganya, given how many years I have been away from Indian mangoes I would have paid a pretty penny for ANY variety - just my luck :) that they happened to be Alphonsos. Also, when I hear people saying they are partial to this or that variety, I silently mumble that these are the people who actually have a choice. btw, I heard that apparantly that Banganapalli are here this year too. Our store only had Hapoos and Kesar.

Anjali, even before seeing your shipment I am pretty sure that the ones you get will be vastly superior to what we got here. Enjoy too!

Siri, thanks!

Kate, Shantanu, that sounds crazy, and sad. But I have to say that what we are paying here is PRETTY steep.

Cynthia, I see you continue the naughtiness that you started on your blog. :D

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