Sunday, December 30, 2007

Crushed Peanuts

dANyAcha kUT

Focus on Crushed Peanuts
This picture is my entry to the Click event: Powdered peanuts ready for cooking are the focus here, with the peanuts a step below, and peanuts in their shell in the bokeh.

Peanuts are a staple in Marathi food and in a few other regional Indian cuisines as well, in many different forms, but the most common way of using them is either crushed or powdered. They are used in koshimbirs and salads, (a few recipes should be coming up), sabudana khichadi (a quick version of which is already a favorite) and other food that is eaten for fasts, for stuffings and gravies (not of the Thanksgiving variety!), in various snacks like besan coated, spiced and fried peanuts, and even in sweets. The list can go on.

In India, we used to buy the peanuts with the skin on them, which were then roasted at home in a thick kadhai. This caused the skin to blister and get brittle. When cooled, the peanuts were rubbed between palms to remove the skin, and then the skin could be separated from the nuts and discarded. The peanuts were then ready to be used for cooking. In the days before electrical gadgets, a large batch of the peanuts were pounded in a stone mortar to get a coarse powder which was then stored to be used.

Here, I buy roasted peanuts, which I quickly pulse a few times in the food processor as required. I rarely make a large batch to keep, just because it is so convenient to make some when I need it.

For times when you don't have a food processor, or might be too bothered to wash the bowls, there comes a tip from a friend who often reads this blog and sometimes comments. She says that you can put the requisite amount of peanuts in a strong 'ziplock' style plastic bag, close the bag after removing any excess air, lay it flat, and use a rolling pin to crush the peanuts inside the bag as coarse or fine as you like. Voila, powdered peanuts ready to be used in Maharashtrian and other dishes. I have tried it, and it really works well.

Focus on Peanuts
This is a picture with the peanuts in focus, and is not an entry to the Click event.


Sig said...

Beautiful pictures... Happy New Year ET!

Suganya said...

I love the platter. Wood tones always adds beauty.

evolvingtastes said...

Thanks Sig, and Happy New Year to you you to!

Suganya, ah, the judge's comment. :-)

bhags said...

nice pics...Happy new year to you and your familt

Nandita said...

Absolutely beautiful warm looking pics with great styling! I'm no judge but feel your pic will win a prize in one of the categories :) xx

Siri said...

Awesome pic..:)

~ Siri

TheCooker said...

Nice pictures, ET.
Interesting looking platter/ plate/bowl.
I was wondering whether you'd send in an entry for Click.
Happy New Year!

Cynthia said...

Oh what a beautiful entry, I love it!

Happy new year to you and the family1

evolvingtastes said...

bhags, nandita, siri, thecooker, cynthia, thank you all for your kind words - there are some really wonderful photos at the event.

Sugarcraft India said...

Hi am here for the first time and am so impressed with your really looks beautiful !!

Hapy new wishes to you!!

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Dear Evolving Taste
A pretty picture..will go well with a nice movie.
Tried a new cake, do have a look.

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