Friday, July 20, 2007

Random Masala

Two wonderful bloggers tagged me simultaneously for the 7-random-facts meme. When Komal tagged me, I had never seen her blog before, so it was a revelation, though out of the blue. The other person to tag me was the Cooker, who always has wonderful informative posts whether she is doing something innovative or traditional. I won't deny that I was fazed about this at first, and also wondered how random random should be, but I thought it would be fun to play along.

To keep food in the mix, I am also posting seven random dishes, none of which are likely to get their own posts.

Although I have always been a good student I used to be frozen when it came to writing essays in Hindi. More than once I tried to get my mother to do my hindi homework for me, but she did not comply.

Pan fried potatoes with a dry spice rub

I know many people who do not like their hair, but I absolutely hate mine.

Phyllo shells with chaat inspired filling

When I was young and footloose, I once went hiking by myself in an unknown area and was utterly terrified for the forty-five minutes stretch where I did not see any other humans.

Vegetarian thai green curry with tofu, broccoli, green beans, and carrots

I have lived in three countries in three continents, and visited seven others, in the same three.

Baked turnovers filled with spicy vegetables

I starting speaking my first words before I was a year old, or atleast that is what I am told.

Mixed Olive and basil pesto crostini

Between a blisteringly hot summer and chilly winter I would chose summer.

Ladyfingers, Grand Marnier soaked strawberries, mascarpone cheese and whipped cream

I bumped into a NFL quarterback in a store, a day after he was inducted into the Hall of Fame; I graciously congratulated him about it, and he was just as gracious in return.

ricotta burfi
Ricotta cheese burfis with almonds

I am tagging Shami and Musical.


Asha said...

This is the best MeMe with recipes I have ever seen!:))
It was reading a book with recipes in it,loved it.
I met Dennis Rodman once in Charlotte!!

Anita said...

That was a fun meme...specially the bit about you hating your hair...curly (like mine)?

And there is absolutely no chance of these pictures getting their own post? Ever? (never say never! Just the potatoes? Or the barfi? The turnover maybe? LOL (I hope this is working...)

Anonymous said...


Kelly Mahoney said...

Thanks for sharing. All of those appetizer-looking treats are so cute. I have to know how to make the phyllo cups!

TheCooker said...

What a wonderful Me-Me.
If not detailed recipes how about some more info. In return I'll get some bakarwadi or amba burfi (or anything else that you want) from Pune.
The phyllo cups look sho shweet.

shammi said...

The facts are fun to know but goodness me, the photos are GORGEOUS! Cant we really have recipes too? :)

PS Thanks for tagging me

evolvingtastes said...

Asha, thanks for that.

Anita, I didn't say 'never'. But gasp, these thingies don't deserve their own post each.
Curly hair would be an oddity among Kashmiris, right?

Anonymous, oye, how about an intro atleast?

Kelly, thanks! The phyllo cups itself were storebought, but I could tell you what goes inside.

thecooker, what details do you want? Just ask!! bakarwadi aur amba burfi ke liye kuchh bhi karega. :-)

shammi, thanks for your compliments. It isn't like I don't want to give the recipes. They are just embarassingly easy to put up on the blog, but will be happy to write down any of them for you. Look forward to your meme.

Roopa said...

wow nice reading your mem with recipes at the side....

sra said...

ET, a very nice meme! The photos are great, the potatoes gorgeous, what's the white thing in the phyllo?

evolvingtastes said...

Thanks Roopa.

sra, thanks for stopping by. The white thing is plain yogurt seasoned with chaat masala etc. Now that I look at it, those potatoes deserve an encore soon, I think.

Cynthia said...

Each and every one of your dishes are awesome. The turn overs had me frozen for a while :)

I am a potato-head so the dish you posted there had me insanely hungry.

Poonam Phatak-Mutha said...

I came across your blog after I was tagged by Komal. All your recipes are very nice. I have added you on my blog list.

evolvingtastes said...

Cynthia, thanks. Glad you like the photos.

Poonam, thanks for letting me know. I appreciate that.

Shilpa said...

Hi ET,

Sorry for taking so long to thank you for your comment on my blog! :)

I love your little phyllo shells! So cute! And that burfi looks so perfect! aie aie.. out of greed, i always tend to cut mine up before they completely cool, so they always end up looking a mess, heh heh.

Why do you hate your hair? I'm fine with mine until it goes past my shoulders. :)

evolvingtastes said...

Shilpa, you can take all the time you want! Nice to see you here.

As for my hair - my daastaan some other time, over some Rosé. :-)

Desiknitter said...

Hey, I missed this post. My live bookmarks link sometimes bungles the order of blog posts. I thought it would be about a bunch of spices you mixed together for cooking, but this is a much nicer random masala! Lovely pictures, even the husband was slavering over them.

Priyanka said...

I dont know how i missed your meme... Loved reading it. But where r the recipes for all those gorgeous pics.... wont do to just drool and not have them, rite?

evolvingtastes said...

desiknitter, thanks. It is possible that this post happened while you were travelling to Kolkotta, so something might be bungled.

Priyanka, just say which recipe you want!

farah said...

hi, there
Each n every photo is soooooooo tempting but frankly speaking i just love ur potatoes........plz plz post the recipe of it......asap....i love potatoes especially the dry ones like urs.......Thx a lot........but plz do post the recipe...may be it is very simple recipe for u to post but still sometimes these simple things gives alot of pleasure.......thax once again...Cheers!

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