Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dallmayr in Safeway

Dallmayr Coffee

'If it is from Europe, it gets my attention', is what the other half likes to say teasingly. While that is quite an exaggeration, there is perhaps some truth in it. I do unabashedly like many things European , even though I do not get to visit there as often, and do not speak any European language other than English.

While visiting Munich a few years ago, we stayed in a small hotel near Marionplatz where the highlight of the stay was the fabulous breakfast that they served in a beautiful dining room on the main floor. The food and presentation were both spectacular - everyday there was a large selection of various types of breads, cheeses, cold cuts, fruit, eggs, and other things that I don't even remember now. My beverage of choice in the morning is tea, and they served a Darjeeling tea that is easily the best one I have had so far. I checked the label on the teabag, and it said 'Dallmayr'. I knew this to be a fine food store that I wanted to go to when I was there, but as is usual when I travel, the number of things I wanted to do was far greater than the time available, and so had to pass on that, which I still regret.

Recently, I was cruising the aisles of the neighborhood Safeway, where I don't go very often, when I saw a section that had a smattering of products from several different countries, mostly from Europe, and imagine my surprise when I saw two packages with 'Dallmayr' written on it. One was a regular coffee and the other was a decaf. Even though I don't drink coffeee regularly, I do enjoy it every so often, and this carton went right into the shopping basket after I made sure that it was indeed what I thought it was. What a lovely find. The coffee is smooth and delicious and the aroma fills the kitchen everytime I brew it. I hope they keep carrying it and that this is not some sort of a trial run which will come to an abrupt end one day.

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