Thursday, March 29, 2007

Oats and gooL

Old fashioned, quick cooking, steel cut, oatmeal, rolled - you name it, and I have probably tried it, and liked it. The only type of oats that I don't like are the ones that come in sachets and have other ingredients added to it. They are good to stash at the office desk though, for when the mid-morning hunger pangs strike. There is just something ultimately comforting about a bowl of oatmeal in the morning, and that is rather odd coming from someone who had never eaten oats for the first twenty five years of their life, and never liked to eat anything sweet for breakfast.

These days, steel cut is on the morning menu. To be precise, 'McCann's Original Steel-Cut Irish Oatmeal' that comes in a pretty can with a retro design.

Desi roots die hard though. I usually cook it in a pressure cooker, using the oats:water ratio specified on the box. One whistle is enough, and it sure beats stirring and simmering it on the stove. I make a batch to suffice for a few servings as it keeps very well in the fridge. When I am ready to eat, I add some milk to it, and heat it in a microwave for a minute and half. That is where the virtuousness starts to decline because I then add in some raisins or dried cranberries, and a solid helping of brown sugar, which delicately melts to golden perfection. However, that is a fairly common way to eat oatmeal, so what's new. Well, sometimes I add jaggery making it slightly rustic and even more delicious. It is delightful!


Prachi said...

Could you please blog about that fascinating israeli couscous sabudana khichadi? I definitely want to try it out.

evolvingtastes said...

Oh sure, desiknitter, I'll do that sometime soon.

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